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Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle tracking devices and software. They provide vehicle tracking solutions to business of all sizes. Worldwide, Verizon Connect currently track over 41 million miles a day across their customer base.

Verizon Connect specialise in live vehicle tracking, which allows you to track the status of your vehicles in real-time, 24 hours a day. They also offer software that manages job completion.

At a Glance

Known for: Reliable real-time tracking software and apps, with global coverage and in-depth reporting

Top products: Verizon Connect Reveal for Fleet Management + Verizon Connect Work for Field Service Management

Best for: Both SMEs and large companies, especially multi-site and/or remote workforces

Price range: Get your free bespoke price quote here

Experience: 13+ years, serving 42,000+ customers and 800,00+ vehicles

Based in: Ireland (with offices in the US, Glasgow and Reading as well).

Customers say: “Previously, the average number of jobs completed by an engineer was between 8 and 9 a day. It’s now 9 to 10- the Verizon Connect GPS System has paid for itself 10 times over.” – Mark Worthington, B&K Boiler Services.”

Products and Features

The Verizon Connect GPS tracking system allows you to trace the exact location of your vehicles at any time from anywhere on the planet. Their tracking software provides comprehensive information on each of your vehicles including how fast they are travelling, if the engine is running, and their exact geographical location. This can be viewed either on an interactive map or a live satellite image that also details traffic in the vicinity of your fleet.

The software can be accessed from a PC, mobile phone, tablet or any device capable of connecting to the web in one centralised software interface.

GPS Fleet Management


Service-based fleets and drivers


Verizon Connect Reveal (Learn More)


Fully featured vehicle tracking solution with real time alters & fuel card integration

Field Service Management


  • Service-based fleets and fieldworkers

  • Businesses with lone workers on dispatch


Verizon Connect Work (Learn More)


Cloud based solution specially tailored to field workers; includes dispatch & scheduling features

Verizon Connect Reveal

Verizon Connect Reveal is a powerful fleet management tool that sits in the cloud and can be accessed remotely from a computer or mobile device. With 700,000 vehicles subscribed to Verizon Connect Reveal, it is the world’s leading fleet management software. Its features include live mapping, in depth, in depth live and retrospective reporting, speeding alerts and driver management such as a driver ID feature and timesheet reporting.

With a user friendly interface Verizon Connect Reveal is easy to use and quick to navigate. Detailed reports can be set up on a frequency of your choosing to a selected group so that your fleet can be monitored from wherever you are. It also boasts a fully customisable dashboard that can be set up to suit your needs. Each graph or report can also be exported to excel if further analysis of it is ever required.

Benchmarks or key performance indicators can be set for example a maximum mileage in a twenty four period can be input, if this were to be exceeded an immediate notification would be sent to the relevant person. Other benchmarks include maximum speed, number of stops, engine idling time and hours worked.

Verizon Connect Reveal also offers full API integration with your other back office systems. Valuable information can be automatically shared between these systems, building a complete picture of your workforce’s movements and progress. Reports can be generated from one system based on information from another.

The price for the system depends on the number of vehicles you are tracking. There is a monthly fixed per-vehicle fee, and all software and hardware charges are included in this. There are no additional access fees and you can get a free demo of the software to test it out before you commit.

The App

Verizon Connect Fleetmatics Reveal App

The Verizon Connect Reveal app gives you access to your complete dashboard as well as all reporting functionalities; this allows you to perform all fleet management tasks wherever you are. The app includes the animated route replay function, allowing you to play back routes driven by any driver at any time. You are also able to locate any driver from your mobile device and receive real time activity alerts on your phone. The app can be downloaded from the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. Simply enter your Verizon Connect Reveal login data to use all of the features.

Verizon Connect Work

Verizon Connect Work is a dynamic planning and scheduling system designed to simplify job distribution and reporting. With live updates and real time reporting you can see exactly where your fieldworkers are at any given time, and how much progress has been made on each task. The system can be tailored to your individual needs to ensure that when onsite your fieldworkers are capturing the information that you require.

Verizon Connect Work also offers complete inventory management. Stock items can be linked to specific tasks which once completed will automatically be subtracted from the overall stock total. Prices for these items can be assigned to allow them to be added with ease to a client invoice, with a mark-up of your choosing. Stock items can also be tracked from warehouse to warehouse to allow complete transparency over your procurement and stock management.

With a drag and drop system all jobs can quickly and easily be moved between fieldworkers either on a live calendar or from within the jobs listing itself. If you choose, your fieldworkers can automatically be notified of these changes or you can manually do this at a later date.

Verizon Connect Work can also be integrated with Verizon Connect Reveal so that fieldworkers appear on your live map alongside the jobs. This can be invaluable if a specific job requires immediate attendance, the nearest competent fieldworker can quickly be identified and redirected.

The App

Verizon Connect Work is also accessible through a field worker app . The app can be redesigned from within the desktop version to provide your field workers with the exact information that they require to complete the job. Options include attaching pictures to jobs from your phone’s camera, linking with Dropbox to access and attach further documentation and the ability to invoice clients on the go.

As jobs are progressed through each stage on the app it is instantly reflected in the desktop version giving all management a complete overview of the status of each individual task. If the fieldworker doesn’t have sufficient signal this information will be held and sent through once reception is adequate.

The app is available from the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. You can log in with your Verizon Connect Work details.

Verizon Connect are a world renowned fleet management solutions provider with a great reputation and track record for helping businesses achieve a positive ROI, increase their efficiency and improve on their KPIs. Their tools are an asset to any professional fleet manager and Verizon Connect will work with you to work out the best solution for your business.


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