Verizon Connect: How Driver Behaviour Can Impact Your Business (White Paper 51007d – English)

According to the Department of Transport, work related crashes can cost a company between £16,000 and £154,000 (rising to in excess of a million if a fatality occurs).

Traditionally, businesses that run a fleet of vehicles have had to rely on feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, from members of the public motivated to call in to report on their drivers’ behaviour.

Today, however, sophisticated GPS vehicle tracking technology can be used to help fleet managers gather valuable data on driver behaviour for monitoring and analysis.

This allows businesses to keep an eye on driving style and, by adopting a positive driving style strategy, can help encourage drivers to be more considerate which could potentially lead to a host of additional business benefits.

Interested in finding out how to monitor and better manage driver behaviour and what advantages this can bring to your business? 

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