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Why buy a photocopier when you can lease one?

There are many benefits to having an enterprise-grade photocopier in your business, particularly with speed and efficiency in production, as well as high-quality printing.

Whilst such hardware can be a large investment to buy, there are clear benefits to leasing the equipment instead.

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The first and most obvious benefit to leasing is that it saves money on upfront costs, which means that your business has more capital for other investments or expansions if needed.

Secondly, as the equipment’s value decreases with age, leasing can be an ideal solution. When the lease terms are up, there’s no need to worry about selling your copier as you can simply give it back.

Thirdly, it is often easier and more cost-effective for your business to lease copiers from a specialist provider of such technology rather than buying them outright. This allows you to have direct access to industry knowledge and highly-skilled engineers without the responsibility of upkeep or hardware management yourself.

Lastly, your photocopier leasing is 100% TAX deductible!

If you’re looking to source a photocopier for your business, ALF Office Solutions is a great place to start.

ALF Office solutions have decades of experience and highly trained engineers, specialising in the supply and service of Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh & Xerox equipment. With expert knowledge and a passion for providing a budget-friendly service, they only use genuine parts, genuine toners, and have a firm policy not to cut corners.

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Most of the industry uses minimum term rental agreements which automatically trip into secondary or peppercorn rentals unless the client gives a minimum of 90 days written notice cancellation prior to the end of the initial term. ALF Office solutions have a much friendly approach and only use Fixed Term Self-Cancelling leasing agreements, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly when the contracts end with no nasty surprises.

Why lease your photocopier with ALF Office Solutions?

  • Easy to predict costs with a fixed price for the lease period
  • Experienced engineers
  • Genuine parts and toners
  • Flexible leasing terms ranging from 24 to 60 months to fit your budget
  • Fixed pricing for your contract, proportionally maintained in-line against corporation TAX and VAT
  • 100% TAX deductible
  • Get the latest equipment, add new machines, software and technology as your business grows

What if I am in a contract?

No problem at all… Please submit a request below and let us know when your existing contract is due to expire. We can have a chat about your requirements and get your new contract in place with ALF Office Solutions, so you have a smooth transition to our caring team.

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