Why pay more for the same business energy?

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Why pay more for the same business energy?

Considerable effort goes into maximising the over all profitability of the business, and more than ever before, businesses need to find fast and simple ways of reducing their overheads, save money and increase their ROI.

One of the easiest ways to increase business savings is one that is also one that’s most overlooked… Switch energy providers.

Back in 2011, Energy watchdog Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) committed to crack down on suppliers making it hard for businesses from switching to another provider. As part of its reform of the energy market, Ofgem has set out new standards of conduct, with financial penalties to improve supplier behaviour.

An extensive analysis by the competition and markets authority identified that 39% of businesses haven’t switched for over 5 years and 40% businesses have never switched, indicating that the vast majority of businesses could be overpaying for their business energy.

Here at Global Business News we are passionate about business and have our finger on the pulse when it comes to identifying business needs. We have partners who can help you save money on your business energy who have saved businesses over £85m collectively in the UK already. Request a Price Review Today and start saving money*


Our specialist partner will be in touch for your no commitment energy price review.


Select your new provider and tariff from the options available


Join over 175,000 businesses in the UK that have collectively saved over £85m

How long does it take to complete the switch?

The application is swift and the switch takes around 30 days (typically 1 billing cycle) to complete, during which our specialist partner keeps you up to date via email, and your new supplier will send out a contract agreement and schedule.

What if I am in a contract?

No problem at all… You can apply to switch as early as 6 months before your current contract end date, and if your end date is longer than 6 months then our specialist partner will coordinate with you at the right time to start the process.

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* Subject to your existing contract commitments

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